Using Light To Your Advantage!

Lights are not the enemy. They are sometimes big and scary but they do not have to be. I used to be terrified of light set ups because I just did not understand them! But I am going to show you a few shots that I took that got me out of my natural light comfort zone.

Water Balloons!

Using a single speed light with a 1-3 second shutter speed and one speed light you can capture water balloons as they pop! These turned out so much cooler than I had originally thought. With some cloning and color editing these pictures just came alive!

Capturing Light Within Your Camera Water Balloon1 Capturing Light Within Your Camera Water Balloon2   

Capturing Sugar: This one was so fun! Instead of sugar we actually used salt! We placed the spoon between a couple of books to keep it in place and then we put fruit on the spoon and then poured the sugar! With a fast shutter speed and some LED lights you can illuminate things even though it is dark!

Capturing Light Within Your Camera Sugar   

Bonus Flash Light Drawing: This one was super fun to create! So basically in order to create this photo you need a long shutter speed like 20 second or longer. Then while the shutter is open you go behind a subject and draw with you flash light in the air making sure to point it in line of the camera. Then go and check out what you got! I was able to draw some pretty cool wings and a halo!

Capturing Light Within Your Camera Water FlashLight  

Want to try out some of the techniques above? Check out this website that teaches you how to capture a balloon mid pop!