Creating Out of the Box Themed Portraits

Portraits do not have to be stuffy photos taken in front of a background! You can get creative with different things to create some really cool and interesting portraits! I am going to show you a few portraits that I have done that made me think outside of the box!

Gels and Smoke: This was so fun to create! Basically the set up was two speed lights with  gels on stands then we added some fog with a fog machine! These images were fun because we also wanted to freeze movement in the air with the flashes as you can see in the second one. Try this one out to get a look similar to these!

Creative Themed Portraits

Creative Themed Portraits

Smoke Bombs:

Smoke bombs are so cool to work with just make sure no one is wearing white! Smoke bombs happen in a short amount of time so you want to make sure that you position yourself so you can get your shot and that your settings are correct before the smoke starts to come out! Preparation is key when it comes to smoke bombs!

Smoke Bomb Creative Portrait Smoke Bomb Creative Portrait Smoke Bomb Creative Portrait

Character Shots:

Having models dress up as characters can help to paint a story in your images that werent there before! This is an easy way to add a creative element to your image!

Character Creative Shot Character Creative Shot Character Creative Shot   

Want to try some creative portraits? Check out this website for some cool ideas!