WWII Airplanes and 1940’s Fashion Photography

I have always heard that it is all in the details! And in this case it sure is! You can guess by the title what pictures I have to share with you! This post is all about airplanes and fashion and some military fashion!

I was so amazed to see these accurate time period outfits! They were so well taken care of and the male models rocked these outfits so well! These first two pictures are of a plan that was in the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg Idaho! That blue color was so beautiful! It definitely was one of my favorite planes that they have at the museum. As far as editing these pictures I really wanted to stay true to the time period so I went with a very green toned editing style and I am pretty happy with how it came together. To achieve this look try changing the tones of your highlights and shadows! That is a quick way to change the tone of your images without compromising the tint or white balance of your image.

WWII Planes and Military Fashion WWII Planes and Military Fashion

The uniforms that were provided for our models were stunning! i think you can agree that they are totally awesome!

WWII Planes and Military Fashion WWII Planes and Military Fashion

These last two are some details shots of some more to the vehicles and airplanes that they have at the museum. The first image is of a gas can to a jeep that they had and I am pretty sure I want a jeep just like it because it was so cool! The second is the tail of a red plane that you can see in this post http://www.kaleymichellephotography.com/2018/06/12/wwii-styled-shoot-at-legacy-flight-museum/

WWII Planes and Military Fashion     WWII Planes and Military Fashion

Getting to take pictures of these airplanes and WWII memorabilia really humbled me and caused me to take a moment to thank those who served our country during that time in history. So much of the way they lived back then was influenced by the war and rations that we required at the time. Take a look at this website that explains how rationing effected the fashion and other aspects of daily life for those living in the 1940’s!  https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/how-clothes-rationing-affected-fashion-in-the-second-world-war