Printing Your Work Is A Fulfilling Process

Okay guy’s we live in a digital age, everything these days is being instagramed or snapchatted. But something that has simply lost its magic is printed photos. I remember getting the little disposable cameras and taking as many pictures that I could only to go to Walgreen’s and wait and wait until I got to see what the pictures look like. I loved it, it was so rewarding to wait and see my pictures in a physical form. Now days people brush over that and forget the amazing feeling of printing pictures. Having something tangible to hold and look at.

One of my goals that I have had for the past year or so was to have my work framed in the Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Spori building. And this week I had the honor of having one of my fine art prints hung in the foyer of the Spori building. The printing process may be daunting but the reward of seeing and holding your work in your hands is so worth it!

Here is the image that I chose to print without any editing, this was straight out of the camera:

Printing Your Work-Fine Art Print-Before

After some time editing in Lightroom I came up with the final product below:

Printing Your Work-Fine Art Print-After

For printing you want to make sure that your pictures are sharp and bright enough. When you print your pictures usually appear darker than they do on screen. Then you want to make sure that your resolution is as high as 300ppi to get that super clear photo. I printed a 16×24 and it turned out amazing!


Want some tips on printing your photos? Check out this link for more info