Get Perfectly Lit Images With One Speed Light

I am sure that I am not the only one that has been in the frustrating moment when the sky is so beautiful and you have your gorgeous model and you take your picture and see that your sky is overexposed! Then you try to fix it and your model is under exposed! What is the best way to combat this problem? Well the secret isnt really a secret! It can be done by simply adding one little speed light with a flash blender.

In these three images you can see the first shows a nicely exposed model but a blown out sky. For the second I lowered the ISO and increased my shutter speed and my model is under exposed! The final result shows the result of using one speed light! It is amazing what you can do with one simple speed light! They are light and easy to take with you and wont take up a bunch of room in your camera bag!

Epic Three Speed Light Shot Epic Three Speed Light Shot Epic Three Speed Light Shot 

Try your hand at your own Epic Three! Grab a speed light and jump outside and give it a go! Learn more about speed light exposure here: