Create From Nothing Fast and The Furious Movie Poster

Wow! What a project! It is so fun to be creative and pull together ideas to create something that didn’t exist before! For this project I needed to make a movie poster! I only had to use one picture that I had taken as well as I have to be a main subject of the “movie.” It certainly was a blast putting together this idea from the beginning to the end product! Every element was done in Photoshop. And here is how I did it:

The beginning:

So first off I had to gather my elements. I took an image of my husbands Camaro because I thought it would be perfect if the image of the car was one that I took myself!

After that I put it on a black back ground and used the quick selection tool to cut out the car and remove the background. After that I used a black and white adjustment layer with a mask to allow the car to be black and white but the stripe to be red.

After that I added the text which I found a free version of online (see bottom for source). I knew that I wanted the text to pop so I looked for a chrome texture to place inside the text. I found a great one on and it really made the text come live on the poster.

After that I gathered pictures of my main subjects! Two of them I took myself and two were found on unsplash (sourced at the end).


After choosing my images I took them all and used the quick selection tool to put out their heads and then used black to blend them into the background along with the car. Here is a great article stepping you through how to use a the quick selection tool just like I did!

How to Save Time with the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop CS6

Originally I had them oriented in a straight line but then I decided to to have them following the line of the text and bring them further down towards the text to make the poster more cohesive.

Artistic Touches:

The final three things that really made this poster pop were the smoke in the background, the movie text and the speed lines you can see on the logo text. The smoke came from and I just placed that in a layer behind the car, text and subjects.

In order to give the logo text a sense of movement I took a blue color on my paint brush and softened it and lowered the opacity. I then did thin strokes along the lines of the text and it gave it the effect as if it were moving across the screen and stopped right there.

The movies text was courtesy of

Its important to include these final design elements because they really will make a difference! I hope you enjoyed my poster and learning about my process!

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