Nature Valley’s Granola Bar Self Made Advertisement:

Creating advertisements can be super fun and really easy! All you need is a product, a concept and Photoshop! The product I chose to turn into an ad was a granola bar by Nature Valley! I love these bars and take them with me hiking all the time. They are the perfect little tag along snack. Because the granola bar is often marketed with sports or the outdoors in mind I wanted to go along with that theme and play on the outdoor aspect of the brand!

Here is the original image unedited:

Nature Valley Commercial Ad Unedited

So I wanted to place the granola bar like a hiker was just holding it up in the amazing location that the person had labored hours to reach. The Teton Mountains were the perfect backdrop for this shot and I had to include the natural wonder in my shot.

This is the behind the scenes picture of how I got the shot. It was super simple. I simply held the bar out in line with the horizon and bam! The magic was started.

Nature Valley Commercial Ad Behind The Scenes

After the shot was taken I brought it into Lightroom to do some quick edits. I adjusted the colors and lightened up the label a bit due to a little bit of shadows that were created from the outdoor lighting. After that I straightened the image and cropped it so that it did not have as much white space to distract from the message of the ad. After I edited the image I opened it in Photoshop. I added the Nature Valley logo in the bottom and began to think of a phrase to put in the ad. I thought about how when I hike I always need snacks! So the idea of fuel came along and then the concept of going on an adventure came into my mind. I put them together and came up with the phrase “Fueling Life’s Adventures.”

I then had to find the perfect font. At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but then I knew that I wanted a font with some textures so I found a free textured font online and it was perfect! I placed it below the bar and it all came together perfectly!

Nature Valley Granola Bar Commercial Ad Final Product   

Here is another super great resource onto making good commercial ads!

I am really proud on how it turned out! I hope that this post has inspired you to try and make a mock commercial ad for some of your favorite brands and products!