Capturing Beautiful Landscapes At Sunset up Kelly’s Canyon

There are three things that photographers love that those are: new equipment, exciting ideas and Golden Hour! Golden Hour is not just some over used word to describe sunset, it truly is magical! If you are looking for a way to boost the look of your photos, start shooting during golden hour and I promise you will love the results! Golden Hour is the time during sunset when the light isnt as harsh and it almost blankets your subject (whether your subject is a person or a landscape!) with the most beautiful warm golden light.

Me and my dear friend Emilee (from decided to go for a drive up Kelly’s Canyon to get some great Golden Hour shots. I know of a pretty amazing spot that I had photographed in the fall and thought how beautiful would it be to come back in the summer! So we went trailing through the woods to find this spot and the results are breathtaking.

Kellys canyon Golden Hour Landscape 

Walking to our spot we saw these beautiful wild flowers and I knew that I wanted to incorporate them into some of my shots. I thought the photos were good in camera but once I started edited the colors really came alive. Even though there were a lot of clouds which resulted in the sunset not being as vibrant as I was hoping, the flowers made up for it! I edited these pictures in Lightroom and bumped up the exposure along with a little bit of saturation. I also increased the yellows because the pictures were a little on the blue side. Then I did some hand edits with an adjustment brush on the sky and that was it!

Kellys canyon Golden Hour Landscape

Kellys canyon Golden Hour Landscape Kellys canyon Golden Hour Landscape 

Kelly’s Canyon is such a beautiful place to explore and photograph. Especially at sunset and Golden Hour when you get that gorgeous warm light. Sometimes you have to get out and explore to find some really great spots. Use what you have around you to your advantage! Get low or try a different perspective. Landscapes don’t move but you can to get the best picture! If you’re ever in Idaho check out Kelly’s Canyon for some great hiking and Golden Hour photography spots!

Want to learn more? Check out this site that goes over some tips and trick for shooting in Golden Hour!