A New Face To Kaley Michelle Photography!

Every few years I go through the process of re-branding! This is when I go through and redesign a logo, choose fonts, colors and design elements to solidify my brand and style! It is a really fun thing and it is something that I put a lot of time and thought into.

The style guide: I knew that I wanted a really clean logo. I did not want any frills because more than anything I wanted my clients to come to know my name. So that was the inspiration behind the logo that I designed. I wanted it to me minimalistic and timeless so that I would be okay to stick with this branding for a few years. In choosing a color I knew right off the bat that I wanted green. It is such an organic color and it really represented what I wanted as a brand. My Fonts are all san serifs because that is a style that I really like and I feel it plays into the minimalist style that I was going for.


It is always good to create a print layout. It makes you think “how will this look on a business card or book cover?” So that is what I did here!


Front the branding I went ahead and designed some pricing sheets that went along with the style and minimal feel that I wanted to achieve. All together I am very pleased with my new branding!

KaleyMichellePhotography-Branding-PricingSheets KaleyMichellePhotography-Branding-PricingSheets   

Working on re-branding your business? Check out this website for some tips https://99designs.com/blog/logo-branding/how-to-rebrand/