Get Night Time Shots Without Compromising on Light.

I have some super awesome things to share with you! This post is all about shooting at night of in the dark and all of the amazing things you can do in the darkness. I am going to show you a few of my images and what I did to achieve them.

The Crazy Cool Stuff:

There are so many cool things that you can do with light in the dark. It really is amazing what a camera can do if you simply know how to use it!

These images were taken in a barn when it was night time. We had a bicycle wheel that was set up and we spun it and moved it around to get these cool shots! I combined several shots in Photoshop and changed the colors to make it look more vibrant. These were both taken with a slow shutter speed. The first with a 2-4 second shutter speed and the second had a 10 second shutter speed!

The next one here is a light painting done outside with an actual person! We had to have our model stay really still because our shutters were open for about 10 second. We went over his face and lit it with the light only once so that his face would not appear to be blurry! I am super happy with how it turned out!

This last one is of the stars! I was so excited to go out and get pictures of the stars. I find learning about light and how to get great pictures even in the dark is something that can help your work even if you do not specialize in any of these forms of photography. Understanding light is all that photography is! These images are some of my favorites that I have taken.


These next two were super fun to take! Me and Kade Atwood from had the idea to have a model stand and hold a flash light to show an illuminated beam in the sky! The results were amazing! Our shutters were open for about 20 seconds in order to get this shot. We were worried that the sky would be to light to get any stars but it was able to darken just enough that we could get some stars in our night sky.


Learning to understand light really opens doors as a photographer and the limit to the things you can do is never ending. Dont be afraid of the dark! You can still get some great pictures with a low shutter speed. Want to try photographing some night scapes yourself? Check out some great tips here