Preparing To Make A Splash: My Personal Style Project

For my personal style project I saw an opportunity to begin working on my business to bring it to the next level. This project motivated me to organize several photo shoots, create promotional material and solidify my personal branding and style. I was able to accomplish most of what I set out to do!

I shot 2 family sessions, 5 couple sessions, 1 bridal session, and 1 company product shoot! Not only that but through my work I received messages from potential clients about session and pricing. More than I ever have before! I have booked several sessions for the next few weeks and I am continuing to grow!

I created four blog posts of images from a few of the photo shoots I shot. Check them out here on my portrait page:  

Through this project I wanted to get to a point in my business where I was confident in my work, my style and where I wanted to go with my business and I believe that I have achieved that! I mainly wanted to create promotional material for a trip to Hawaii that I am taking later this summer. It honestly branched into so much more than that! I created not only promotional material for my trip but also was able to book sessions here in Idaho as well!

Here is a screenshot of my current Instagram feed: I worked hard to keep my feed looking cohesive to the eye and I am really proud of the way it has turned out!

Here are the three advertisements that I created and printed for this project:

Making a splash Making a splash Making a splash

The advertisements will be posted online on different pages in Hawaii to help me grow my business down there! I am excited to run these promotions.

As I was working on solidifying my style I found that some of the models I worked with needed help with their outfits. This brought me to make a 4 page what to wear guide that I now send out to models and clients to use to help them prepare for their sessions with me! It has been such a cool thing to make and is one of the things I never expected that I would need!

Making a splash

Here is everything printed:

I also worked with a local videographer to create a promotional video and I will post that here as soon as it is put together as well!

I have really been dedicated and worked hard on building and shaping my business. At first it was so discouraging but as I gained confidence in myself and my work I was able to direct potential clients to my social media pages to view my work without feeling embarrassed! I am proud of my work and I know that I have so much still to learn!