Composite of Several Moons in Paris

Sometimes we just need to get a little creative and make some crazy cool things! This post is going to go over my creative processes for making a composite image as well as a show you a cool cinema-graph that I made!

Composite Moons In Paris

This image was taken this spring on my trip to Paris France. I saw the original image and knew that I had to play with it a little and doctor it up! So what I did was edit the picture in lightroom and then I sent it to Photoshop to do the dirty work. Once I had the image in Photoshop I took three separate moon pictures that were taken in three different locations! One was taken in Idaho, another in Utah and the last one in Hawaii! I thought it was cool to combine three moons into one picture to show kind of where I have been. It was like my little secret. So I cut the moons out from their background and I also cute the Eiffel Tower out so that the moon could be placed behind it. I then blended the moons in by darkening the edges a bit with a black paint brush and tada! This is what you get!


This next part is actually a gif of a cinema graph I made. Basically the flame moves but the rest stays dark instead of illuminating like a candle normally would. This one took a lot of time and trial and error but in the end I figured it out and I got what you see below!

Composite Moons In Paris and Cinema Graph   

Wanna learn more about how to do a composite? Well check out this website with a step by step video to help you out!