Light Painting Can Be A Fun Way To Showcase Items!

Light painting is a cool term in the photography world that a most people haven’t tried out because they don’t know how! It is really simple and fun to figure it out. All you need is your camera, tripod, flash light and a dark room. I want to show you some photos that I have created with this technique and explain how I did it so you can too!

So all of the images below were created by setting my camera and locking its focus by auto focusing and then switching it to manual to lock the focus. After that you need to make sure your camera is mounted on your tripod. Arrange your items in the way that you want them to. Then turn off the lights and make sure that you have a long exposure so you have time to paint with your flashlight. One your setup is ready then turn off your light and push your button to trigger your shutter. This is the fun part! Jump into your set up and start lighting your objects! Make sure not to point your flashlight towards the camera or you will get light trails! Check your camera after your shutter closes and adjust your settings to find the right balance!

Sea Shell Light Painting Air Plane Light Painting Hourglass Light Painting Desk Layout Light Painting Glove Setup Light Painting Glove Light Painting Football Light Painting


It may take you a few times and that is completely normal!  For a more in depth instruction check out Caryn Esplin’s website here!