Shooting Products Outdoors and With Natural Light!

This post is all about natural light! Whether that is coming from a window, open door or simply from being outside. Product shots can be taken anywhere! You do not need a fancy studio with thousands of dollars in equipment!

Window Light:

Windows and open doors are great for product shots because you can get lighting naturally without moving and setting up lights. This first shot was taken indoors with a window! It is as simple as that!

Bread and Eggs Product Shot Using Natural Light

I love this second photo! Styling can really elevate a picture. You can see that the product is the brownie mix but the eggs, whisk, chocolate chips and marshmallows paint a picture of baking the product itself. The lighting was from an open door and this shot was taken from above!

Ghiradelli Brownie Mix Product Shot Using Natural Light

This picture is similar to the one before. Different styling objects can apply to so many products so do not think you have to change everything to get a great shot. This was also take with open door light and from above. The label was lit in post by a technique taught to me by Steve Hatch where you use radial filters to mimic placed light! You can see more of Steven’s amazing work here

French Hot Chocolate Product Shot Using Natural Light

Outdoor Lighting:

One key factor in taking pictures outdoors is to know where your shadows will be. Knowing where your shadows will fall will tell you how and where to place and shoot your product.

This first image was taken outdoors on a rock overlooking a pond. Because the shadow is placed in front of the product it means that the product is what is called back lit. Back lighting is a good way to expose the back ground correctly where as when you shoot with the shadow to the back you can get some blown out spots on your product. Here I simply brightened the face of the can of repellent and boom it was perfect!

OFF Bug Repellent Product Shot Taken Outdoors    

This next picture just makes me laugh because of the concept. Me and my dear friend Emilee Wright from wanted to find a way to creatively style a package of wild berry Life Saver Gummies. We were thinking about berries and then the idea came to put the life savers on a bush like they were berries themselves! And this shot was born. Shot in direct sunlight you can see the shadows of the bush surrounding the hands, background and bowl of berries. Because the shadows were not to harsh, this shot works. Just watch your shadows during the day because they can make or break your outdoor lighting shot!

Life Saver Gummies Product Shot Taken Outdoors