Mastering Beautiful Water Reflections Of The Tetons in Teton National Park

I love the mountains! They just call to my heart and I honestly am in awe of their majesty and beauty! I was able to take a trip to Teton National Park and take pictures of the Teton Mountains. Though the weather was frustrating at times I got some amazing shots of water reflections at String lake that lies within the park!

Water Reflection Landscape In Teton National Park

I really love hoe the reflection of the mountain onto the water is really the star of this next shot. Most of these images were taken with a tripod and an ND filter so I could get as much detail as possible without blowing out my image. So I had a long shutter speed and that called for me to have a tripod to keep my camera steady. The ND filter works almost like sunglasses for your camera so you can late long exposures during the day! The reflection of the water was crystal clear and you can see some amazing detail from the Teton Mountains just on the reflection alone! 

One cool way to have your landscapes stand out is to have a person in it. It may sound counter productive but I promise it will add something special to your image. This is what Caryn Esplin from likes to call humanizing a landscape!

Check out this website and plan a trip to Teton National park to get some amazing reflection landscape images!

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