Women Styled 1940’s Photo Shoot

Wow I have been able to do some really exciting things with some amazing people in the past few months and I cannot wait to show you everything! I love being able to get creative and jump into things that are outside my comfort zone and this shoot fit all of those things! A group of local photographers and myself got together and had the opportunity to visit the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg Idaho! The wonderful people that the flight museum let us come in and take pictures with their authentic and time period planes and other vehicles. It was amazing to be apart of such a collaborative shoot.

The models that we had for the evening were so beautiful and I think you will agree!


For this shoot I took a really different approach to this shoot than I normally do. I did some research and tried to mimic the aged and vintage editing style of that time! I was really loving a deep contract black and white. WIth every model I edited a little differently to fit the style of the model as well as what their background was like. In these first two you can see the deep contrast in the first black and white and the second almost has a pink matte tone. I edit primarily in Lightroom so if you would like to try out the matte effect in your photos try playing with your tone curve!

Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot

One element that I often like to highlight in portraits are the clients eyes and their hair. I achieve this by using adjustment brushes. I start by examining the colors that are contained in their eyes. The two beauties below had beautiful deep brown eyes. Now you may be thinking “ugh brown eyes” but oh no! Brown eyes can get the most beautiful golden hue to it and I love enhancing that in the models eyes by bumping up the exposure and yellows through an adjustment brush!

Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot

Goodness! I am just looking through these pictures as I write this and I am so amazed on how beautiful these models are. These next four were super fun to play around with. The first picture below also has that matte effect that I talked about earlier! Don’t be afraid to try it out. The third image below is one that I love doing. As I mentioned before I love highlighting my clients or models eyes. I find every eye to be unique and beautiful in its own way. I have done photos like this before and thought it would be cool to recreate it. I found this article from Marie Claire UK that goes through some of the styles of the 1940’s so I would recommend taking a look at that here¬†http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/1940s-fashion-the-decade-captured-in-40-incredible-pictures-108160.

Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot Womens 1940s Styled Fashion Shoot 

I wish I could share all of the pictures from this shoot but stay tuned for some more 1940 styled photos!